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Band of Gypsies


We're out to bring smart creative back to business. (This takes a little bit of crazy.)

Somewhere along the way advertising lost its mind. Smart things have been forgotten or tossed. And questions that should be asked, aren’t. Will this work move anyone? Does it push beyond a table stake? Does it strike a chord?  


We think there’s a place where the caliber of creative talent can be high. Where the right questions can still be asked. And where strong ideas grounded in smart thinking still outperform the noise.


We haven’t been proven wrong, yet.

Building a better ad agency


We shape brands. Without all the nonsense. 

There are agencies that tout their latest formulas for marketing. We’re not that. We think it still comes down to great ideas. And no amount of process finagling, Figma doodling, data mining or SEO targeting is going to make up for the lack of one.

We shape brands


If it's been done before it doesn't belong here. 

Every brand has a truth that transcends features and benefits. It's a truth that touches people and makes a brand a part of their identity and culture. We find that truth and bring it to life in ways that are bold, imaginative, fresh, smart – and most of all, unexpected.


We stand against the mediocre. 

Because we’re an indy agency, so we can.

Call us rebels, if you will. But the key to marketing success just isn’t more stuff in more places. Or lower costs. It’s disrupting the plain vanilla. It’s shaking up the sea of same-same. This takes a brand that has a damn, strong point of view. We have the full service capabilities - and smarts - to take you there. If you dare. 

Brand strategy, creative, and measurement


We’re creatives who left the big ad agencies. But not our love of advertising.

Creative thinkers, dreamers and a few oddballs. We know how to build brands that make people feel something – and that people remember. Collectively, we have 1,252½  years of experience from every big, traditional and digital agency. Without the egos to show for it.

We're from big ad agencies in New York
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 An advertising, design and creative agency, led by creatives.

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