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Start-up companie dysfunctional marketing

Start-ups don't fail on ideas. They fail on dysfunctional marketing. 

Band of Gypsies

The thing is...

Graphs, numbers and pitch decks can only take you so far. At some point in your start-up cycle, you need a brand, a compelling story and a go-to-market strategy. That’s where start-ups misstep. But we don’t. 


How you get the word out matters.  A lot. 

Paying a big agency to turn your idea into a brand isn’t possible for most start-ups. So, you end up getting bits and pieces of your brand done in different places – with different people.


The result is a mess. And messes don’t make for good numbers.

At Band of Gypsies, we give you a coherent and powerful brand with the same strategy and creative minds that you would get at a big agency. We offer a fast, collapsed approach that gives you what you need to go to market – without a lot of fluff. And when you make your first billion, we’ll be happy to give you the fluff, too.

Go go market fast

What you need to spread the word. The right way. 


For a fixed-fee, we'll give you a coherent brand with a story no one else is telling – and the assets you need to spread the word:

• Brand positioning

• Brand look and feel

• Brand tone of voice

• Logo design

• Website

• Social template

• Brand guidelines



And if you need more, we can do that, too. 


Going to market is nuanced and very different from one start-up to another. We can advise you on what you need (and what you really don't).  We may recommend one or more of the following:

Eco-system development

Awareness strategy

Influencer strategy

Social planning

Brand launch video

Mini campaign development

Content creation

Product demos


Brand supervision

Reputation management

Go to market strategy

An advertising, design and creative agency, led by creatives.

Band of Gypsies

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